Dear Aspiring & Early Stage Sidebizpreneur,

I know exactly what it's like to have big business dreams; however, feel overwhelmed with the entire process. You wish you had someone in your corner that you could learn from, glean from, and receive sound advice and instruction from. In addition, a little accountability would not be too bad...your own personal tribe of supporters would be oh so nice! 

You desire to invest in your business; however, the extra funds are not there because you have yet to generate any/consistent money in your business, right?

So, you've been spending hours online Googling, YouTubing, and Instagraming your way to success. Not to mention the tons of freebies and mailing lists you've opted in to seeking answers to your most pressing questions. 

You've been starting and stopping because you are unsure of your next steps...or you simply procrastinate because you lack accountability. 

Well, if you are ready to say goodbye to the hamster wheel and learn critical Business Success Strategies that will help you successfully operate your business, I highly invite you to join The Side Biz Academy. The Side Biz Academy is The Ultimate Inner Circle for Sidebizpreneurs that desire to learn, grow, and connect!!! 

The Side Biz Academy INCLUDES:

  • 2-Monthly Recorded Training Videos (Business Success Strategies + Action Assignments) 
  • 1-Monthly Group Accountability Session
  • 2-Monthly Live Group Q & A Sessions
  • Pop-up Laser Coaching 
  • Private Facebook Community
  • On-Demand Access To Training Vault 
  • Delivery of Digital Resources To Coincide w/Monthly Theme
  • VIP Rates on Digital Products 

READY TO JOIN The side biz academy?!


*100 Grants Available*
Regular Investment: $97.00/Month  Grant Investment: $9.97/Month

The Side Biz Academy is not a 1-on-1 Coaching Program; however, the information and support you will receive from the group will give you a push like never before to remain on track and focused to accomplish your goals. 



Is The Side Biz Academy a 1-on-1 or individual coaching program?
NO, The Side Biz Academy is NOT 1-on-1 or individual coaching program. If you are interested in individual coaching, please see the AMPLIFY program. 

Is The Side Biz Academy specifically tailored for my individual needs?
NO, The Side Biz Academy is NOT tailored to any participant's individual needs. 

Am I allowed to text, direct message, or tag Crystal with any questions or concerns?
NO, members are not allowed to text or direct message Crystal with any questions or concerns. Please submit all academy related questions inside of the private Facebook community. Immediate responses are not provided/guaranteed; however, responses are provided during Crystal's regular office hours. Email personal matters to Emails are answered in 3 business days. Depending on the nature of the email, emails may be answered by support staff.

Can I cancel at any time? 
Yes, you can cancel at any time with no hard feelings. Simply follow the link you will receive via Paypal OR email us at 

What are some of the topics that will be covered?
  • Business Launch Strategy 
  • Business Resources 
  • Targeting
  • How to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • How to Write Web & Social Media Content
  • Social Media Strategy (How To Grow & Monetize With Social Media)
  • How To Develop An Onboarding System 
  • Pricing 
  • Client Conversion 
  • Branding + Marketing 
  • Business Finances
  • Tribe Growth
  • Hiring + Delegation Strategy 
  • List Building 
  • Sales Funnels
  • +More!

Who is the hub for?
The Side Biz Academy is designed for Sidebizpreneurs that are in the aspiring and early stages of business. Those that desire to learn and implement key strategies that will help them launch, grow, and monetize their business. If you are a BOSS Babe that's been operational and profitable for 5+ years, this hub will not be for you!

How do I get the most out of The Side Biz Academy?
  • Show-up for the live training OR watch the replays. 
  • Post your questions in the thread prior to our Q&A Calls.
  • Post Questions in the private group.
  • Interact inside of the private group. 
  • Attend the Co-work Sessions. 
Are the results guaranteed?
No, your results are based on your actions.

Where do we watch the live training?
Via Teachable Course Platform + Private Facebook Community & if you are on live via Zoom.

Do you have client feedback?
Sure, visit my Instagram Receipts Highlight, my website, + I'll be adding a few videos on this page. 

When does The Side Biz Academy launch?
The Side Biz Academy launched on 9/9/19 and new members are allowed in the program on a continual basis.