As a new / emerging entrepreneur, let's be honest, your budget is oftentimes pretty tight; however, that does not mean you must sacrifice quality. There are many tools that I utilize on a DAILY basis that help me produce high quality work without busting my bank account.


Here are my top 7 Free to very Low Cost Resources for Entrepreneurs:


#1 – To create my graphics…as in flyers, website covers, social media covers, eBooks and more. Canva is my all time favorite graphic design resource - hands down. Canva helps those with no graphics experience easily create beautiful designs + documents in an easy drag and drop method. It has a super easy user interface with tons of ready made templates, photos, and other elements. It empowers you with everything you need to create a clean an consistent brand image - oh and did I mention, there is a free option. I would recommend upgrading to the professional version for about $14 per month...and trust me, it's worth every penny.

#2 - Buffer is my go-to social media management tool - that I LOVE! It allows me to schedule my social media posts on all platforms which is sure to add many valuable hours back into your day! The great thing about Buffer is that it allows you the ability to connect multiple accounts to one dashboard, you can schedule the same / similar post across all platforms in seconds, you can create drip campaigns, AND you can analyze the success of your posts. Buffer offers a free plan; however, just like Canva they have a very affordable paid options that allows you the ability to unleash the full power of the software.

#3 - Evernote is the #1 tool that I can say has helped me get organized and get my entire life together. Evernote is an online note-taking application, it allows you the ability to save notes in any format and share those notes with anyone. It's this super cool web-clipper feature that allows you the ability to clip web pages and save emails in a click of a mouse. This feature literally (no lie!) helped me clean-up my email inbox in seconds. I literally went from 15,000 unread emails to 1 unread in less than an hour.

#4 - Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing tool that I utilize to send single emails to a group of individuals and I also utilize it to send drip / email campaigns. Not to mention the new landing page feature it offers.