AMPLIFY is an individualized coaching program tailored for women that are SIDEBIZPRENEURS!

Sound like you...
  • Having a hard time staying focused on your side biz aka your one thing?
  • You can see your BIG PICTURE; however, you can't seem to remain on track to accomplish your goals?
  • You need help mapping out at an exact strategic plan to manifest your business dreams. 
  • Tired of giving in to procrastination, perfectionist paralysis, time thieves, negative thinking, and excuses.
  • You NEED some 1-on-1 HELP to keep you moving forward. 
  • You need an accountability partner + coach that will provide support, resources and strategic guidance
Now, imagine what it would be like if...
  • You remained focused and on track to crush your goals each week.
  • You were organized, efficient, and productive every day.
  • You had a step-by-step strategic plan to follow.
  • You had someone holding your feet to the fire to ensure you remained true to your commitments. 
  • You had a strategic partner that was invested in your business success. 
The Amplify Coaching Experience is an individualized accountability program that is tailored to accelerate your career success

What can you expect
  • Two (2)  45-minute Virtual Accountability Sessions per Month:  We review your progress, celebrate your wins, and formulate a plan to overcome your struggles. In addition, we also set your goals and objectives that you will focus on until our next session. (prior to each session, you complete a meeting prep form to ensure we hit the ground running during the session)
AMPLIFY (Level 1) 
$297.00 per month 


(Includes Monthly Social Media Add On) 
$597.00 per month

Let's put an end to procrastination, hang your excuses on the shelf, and get you the extraordinary results you deserve!