You know that feeling: you finish a book, and you just have to talk about it with someone? You could hide out by the water cooler, waiting to ambush your co-workers...OR call up all of your girlfriends and force them to listen...or you can join the Book Squad!  That's right join the Book Squad and get your dose of literary discussion. 

Check out the FAQ Section below and submit your application to join!!! 

What is the Book Squad?                                                                                                               The Book Squad created by Crystal Johnson, Owner of the Career Success Network is a fellowship of entrepreneurial women who have a desire to learn, grow, connect and explore books that promote growth and expanded thinking. Each month, we select a book to read and discuss. 

The ideal Book Squad member?                                                                                                    The ideal member is a women that is positive, forward thinking, and has a true desire to learn and implement new ideas. You are not required to own a business to join the Book Squad; however, you must be entrepreneurial in your thought processes.

What type of books will we read?                                                                                                  We will primarily focus on books that are self-help, instructional, motivational, and inspirational in nature.   

How are books chosen?                                                                                                                 Group members are asked to provide book suggestions frequently - suggested titles are then added to a list for a monthly selection. 

Where do the discussions take place?                                                                                         The discussions take place virtually via video conferencing. In addition, members all have access to a private Facebook group where weekly "sparks" are given to promote the continued reading of the selected book - and to discuss other information pertinent to the group. 

What happens if I don't finish the book?                                                                                      Show-up to the discussions anyway - not everyone can finish every book; however, you may still be able to offer compelling insight on what you did read. 

When do we meet?                                                                                                                          As an initial launch of the Book Squad - each member will have an opportunity to vote on a monthly meeting day and time. The exact day and time will be decided by a majority vote.

What do I say during monthly discussions?                                                                                Anything that you desire - that is not offensive. Prompt questions will be provided to spark conversation. Each book is selected to spark thought provoking, honest, lively, and intriguing conversation. Group members are NOT expected to have the same view of the book / to agree on all topics discussed; however, respectful conversation is a requirement for participation in the group. 

How much does it cost to participate?                                                                                          Book Squad Membership is a $20.00 per year non-refundable fee. You will receive notification via email and/or FB Messenger (if applicable) as to the approval of your application.             

Are books included in the price of the membership?                                                                 No, each member is required to purchase the monthly reading. The membership fee covers your admission and participation in the group only.        

How many members are included in a Book Squad?                                                                  Each Squad consists of up to 10-15 members.      

Will we meet outside of the monthly meetings?                                                                          Yes, each quarter ALL Book Squads will meet for a collective in-person group fellowship.

Can membership be revoked?                                                                                                       Yes, membership can be revoked if a member does not attend at least 6 Book Squad Meetings per year.


Please select your desired meeting date. The exact monthly meeting date and time will be decided by group consensus.

Would you be interested in leading a group discussion?

By checking the box below, I understand that if my application is approved, I will have 24-hours to pay my $20 annual membership fee to secure my admission into the Book Squad.