Over the weekend, I hosted the Copy That Converts Webinar...and I wanted to share a few nuggets with you:

1. Your content should be directed to your niche market - don't attempt to produce content for everyone, if so, you will find yourself talking to no one. 

2. Your content should stream from your overarching goal and monthly theme. Don't confuse your audience with tons of unrelated marketing messages. 

3. Your content should, directly and indirectly, lead your target audience to your products and services. You're in business to serve at a profit.

4. Your content should be valuable. Do not post / push out content just to say that you did it. Doing so is the fastest way to lose the attention of your audience. 

5. Your content should not only motivate; however, it should inspire action. 

6. Your content should be tailored for each platform. Refrain from posting the exact same content on every single platform. 

7. Your content should be personable and have your voice. Make it conversational.

8. Your content should not include excessive industry jargon and cause your audience to go reaching for a dictionary to decipher your messages.

9. Your content should bring forth change and solve your reader's problems. It should speak directly to their needs, wants, frustrations and desires.

10. Your content should position you to convert.

If your content is not currently converting despite your many efforts. If you feel as if you're simply throwing darts on the wall...I'd love to analyze your current content and provide you with strategies, suggestions, and a roadmap to produce better content in the future.

Click HERE and utilize the Contact Form and let me know what your specific needs are. My team and I are standing by to assist you. 

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