As a creative entrepreneur, we oftentimes have tons of ideas floating through our minds at any given moment. I'm sure you're nodding your head in agreement. :)  

However, it's vitally important that we transform these ideas and dreams into well-written goals if we every expect them to manifest into reality.  

If you've every wondered why your goals never manifest or why they're taking so  long to manifest, I challenge you to take a look at the goal you've written. Vague goals produce vague results and on the flip, clear and concise goals produce clear and concise results. 

We attract exactly what we ask why not implement a goal setting process that will position you to get exactly what you want in your business. 

Below I'm sharing with you what I call the 5 EntrepreneuHER Secrets To Slaying Goals...well... it's not really a secret; however, once I learned the SMART Goal Setting Process and began to implement this process in my business I began to slay my goals left and right. 

So, here are the 5 EntrepreneuHER Secrets To Slaying Goals:

#1 - Ensure your goal is SPECIFIC:                                                                                              Your goal should clearly state what needs to be done to accomplish the goal, who owns the goal and who you need to get support from to accomplish the goal, and when the goals needs to be accomplished by. 

#2 - Ensure your goal is MEASURABLE                                                                                     Your goal should clearly state a system of measurement, so you know when the goal has been accomplished.                                                         

#3 - Ensure your goal is ACHIEVABLE                                                                                   Your goal should be written in a manner that it can be accomplished by the target date.

#4 - Ensure your goal is RELEVANT                                                                                       Your goal should be important for achieving your business strategy.

#5 - Ensure your goal is TIME BOUND                                                                                    Your goal should clearly indicate when the goal needs to be completed.   

I hope these tips were helpful to you, happy goal setting, let me know if you have any questions. Check out The UltimateEntrepreneuHER Planner a 60-Page planning workbook to help you as a new / emerging entrepreneur establish a solid business foundation and slay your goals!